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Precision Steel Framing and Construction Services

Engineering Department:

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software at Precision Steel Framing and Construction we are able to design any project to your specifications at a very competitive price in today's market.

Registered in 40+ States and some Providences in Canada allows for engineering services to span across the Nation and parts of Canada. 

Sales Department:

Precision Steel Framing and Construction specializes in putting together projects for our manufactures and installers.   

Service Department:

At Precision Steel Framing and Construction we pride ourselves with service. Being staffed with experienced roll-forming machine technicians, we feel there are few problems that we have not seen. 

Parts Department:

Several components are required for our system. We supply all parts for your needs.

Why Choose Us

Count on us to provide you with cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions every time. When you want jobs done right, contact our business. You won’t be disappointed with our dedication to customer service.


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Pre-Engineered and Designed Products

Storage Buildings, Garages, and House Plans Coming Soon!